Research Policy


  1. Research must be new and original investigation undertaken to contribute to knowledge and understanding in support of the vision of CamEd:
    To develop a community of business professionals performing on par with those in international business centers, taking initiative as leaders, and upholding ethical standards.
  2. Research should be relevant to the discipline taught by the academic staff carrying out the research.
  3. Research must be relevant to business or stakeholders in Cambodia and involve directly researching issues in Cambodia or the application of international principles or findings to issues in Cambodia.
  4. Academic staff have the freedom to choose their own research topic as long as point 3 (above) is respected.
  5. Collaboration with other universities, businesses, professional bodies, and organizations, both locally and internationally, is encouraged
  6. The research report format for papers submitted to the CamEd ‘Journal of Accounting, Finance, Economics and Social Sciences’ (JAFESS) must follow the ‘CamEd Guidelines for Authors’. Please find the ‘Guidelines for Authors’ for more details.

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Research Guidelines

As a normal requirement, the research paper must contain the following:

  1. Abstract (150 – 250 words)
  2. Introduction (including the objectives of the study)
  3. Literature review (APA in-text citation) – at least 25 references
  4. Hypotheses (if any)
  5. Methodology (Data sources, collection methods and techniques, sample design, statistical techniques)
  6. Data analysis/Discussion/Empirical Analysis (as needed)
  7. Conclusion (including limitations and scope for future studies)
  8. Recommendations (if appropriate)
  9. References: APA 7th edition. Learn more about the APA 7th edition:

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