CamEd Open Access Repository

Transparency and Corporate Reporting in Cambodia: A Compendium Approach

Muhammad M. Ma’aji
CamEd Business School

Faculty Publications
2020, pp. 47 – 55


An internal quality assurance system is a powerful instrument for ensuring the quality of the inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes of higher education. Designing an internal quality assurance (IQA) system however has been viewed as a great challenge by the developers. It may be even harder when external quality assurance is compulsory such as in Cambodia because there is little room for adaptation. Despite the challenge, CamEd Business School has developed a strong IQA system that aligns with its vision, mission, and philosophy and meets the national, regional, and international accreditation standards. As a result, CamEd Business School has achieved six certifications and accreditations within four years 2019-2023. This research paper introduces CamEd Business School’s IQA system, explains how the system was developed, and presents the key results of the system implementation in 2019-2021.

Keywords: Quality, quality assurance, framework, accreditation, standards

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