CamEd Open Access Repository

CATs Revival of Formative Assessment

Kathryn O. Ogden
CamEd Business School

Faculty Publications
2016, pp. 23 – 33

The concept of how formative assessment has been pushed aside for generations is troubling in all areas of education, especially when students are learning solely in non-primary languages. The formative assessment process is a must for any truly significant learning to occur. Exploring the summative assessment, formative assessment, and Classroom Assessment will provide a better insight into lesson planning as well as see how easy it is to become trapped in old teaching styles. The newest teaching styles and theories embrace the formative assessment process and Classroom Assessment Techniques because they have helped teachers see the problems faced when only summative assessment occurs and CATs have also helped bring back the process of formative assessment which allow teachers and students to understand the importance of significant learning as well as achieve it.