Welcome Message from the Chair of the Center

Welcome to CamEd Center for Business Research! As the number one higher education institute in Cambodia, CamEd has built a fine reputation based on the quality of our programs and the practicality of our teaching approach, which has earned trust and admiration from all relevant employers. Our research activities have been an integral part of the overall success. Recognizing the crucial role that research plays in sustaining success and expanding our horizon, our Board of Trustees, acting upon the advice from its strategically forward-looking Chairman Dr. Virak Prum, decided to establish CamEd Center for Business Research. The Center– being an upgrade of the existing Research Committee– continues to serve as a platform for our professors to publish their research findings. You are invited to browse this site to read all the publications available for free of charge. As we expand, we continually seek partnerships with like-minded centers and institutions around the world.

Since our faculty members have diverse backgrounds, we hope to partner up with interested collaborators in areas related to both theoretical and applied business, economics, finance, accounting, law, entrepreneurship as well as social enterprise. As our journey unfolds, I personally invite you to check our site often to learn more about our research results and activities which might interest you. Thank you for tuning in. Have a nice time browsing.


From the desk of Editor-in-Chief

It is my immense pleasure to reintroduce the CamEd Business School Journal (Journal of Accounting, Finance, Economics and Social Sciences) as its editor-in-chief to the academic community-local, national and international. This Journal has been in existence for the last few years in which mainly the CamEd academic community published. It is remarkable that during these years the journal could attract many valuable research works. As the journal has now evolved, it was time to apply for International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) to make the journal formal and to have its own identity. In this context, I am pleased to announce that the “Journal of Accounting, Finance, Economics and Social Sciences” is now registered in the database of ISSN. It is indeed a well-deserved milestone in the journey of the journal. I am also pleased to announce that the journal is indexed by ROAD: The Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources.

My vision for the Journal is to be a recognized journal for its quality and relevance by academic community and practicing managers in ASEAN region. For the next few years, we aim to index the Journal with various agencies. Given the quality of papers published in the Journal, it is possible to achieve this aim in rather relatively short period of time. I thank CamEd Business School, editorial board and reviewers for their support for the growth of the journal. I would like to thank scholars who have published in the Journal, and welcome others to choose the Journal as an outlet for their scholarly work.

Look forward to receiving your continuous support and papers!



Chairman of CBR


Research Advisor


Member of CBR