Lessons in Cambodia’s Real Estate: Raw Opinion of a Practitioner

Kevin Lim
Chairman, Key Real Estate Co., Ltd

Why investing in Cambodia’s real-estate

With political stability, Cambodia has opened to the world and has become one of the fastest growing-economies in Asia, with strong record of sustained GDP growth of over 7% in the past two decades prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, driven largely by export-oriented manufacturing, tourism and real estate developments. Geographically, Cambodia is located at a very strategic location within ASEAN. It is the central hub and gateway to ASEAN member nations. So, investing in Cambodia is to target the overall ASEAN market with 670 million populations. Cambodia also joined RCEP. Such regional integration laid a good foundation for Cambodia to boost its exports further through multilateral and liberalized trading system. Investors may also benefit from the bilateral Free Trade Agreements established between Cambodia and China and other ASEAN/RECEP member nations. Cambodia is agricultural-based economy. With its young and inexpensive vibrant work force and huge vacant agricultural lands across the country the country presents a great opportunity for investment in agro- industrial sectors for domestic consumption and exports to regional and global markets.