CamEd Business Review Submission Guidelines


Submission Guidelines
      1. Manuscripts submitted by author(s) for publication in the CamEd Business Review (CB Review) must be original contributions and not previously published.
      2. Research must not exceed 1,500 words, typed in single space in 12 point Times New Roman font.
      3. No list of references is required, but you may refer to the supporting research or examples. Tables, charts, or figures may be included if appropriate. For instance, instead of giving a detailed reference as Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne (2005) Blue Ocean Strategy, Harvard Business Review Press, your CB Review article can simply say: in Blue Ocean Strategy, Kim and Mauborgne argue that…
      4. Only manuscripts written by humans, not by any software or program (i.e. ChatGPT…) are accepted.
      5. Either British or American spellings should be followed throughout the paper. However, British and American spellings should not be mixed.
      6. Author(s) must check their paper for clarity, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency of references to minimize editorial changes.
      7. The editorial board has the right to modify or edit the work in order to match the requirement of standard and style of the CB Review. Further, the editorial board reserves the right to reject any manuscript that, in their opinion, is unsuitable for publication in the review.
      8. Under no circumstances will the identity of the reviewer(s) be disclosed to the author(s) or to any other third party not involved in the editorial process.
      9. Correspondence and corrections will be sent to the first author unless otherwise specified. The article will be published after receipt of the corrected proofs from the author(s) as suggested by the reviewers and communicated to the author(s).

    Submission and all correspondence should be addressed to the the Editor-in-Chief Mr. Mean Udam at [email protected]