Site Visit from oversea universities

CamEd Tour Visit from MSU Malaysia University

On December 5, 2019, students from MSU Malaysia University came to visit CamEd Business School during their study tour. This has created a unique travel experience that combines learning with traveling for Cambodian and Malaysian students to learn each other’s culture and make friends. It aims to help students from both schools to become more globalized in their perspectives.

Campus Visit from TP Singapore Students on 4th November 2019

There are 87 students from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore who came to visit CamEd Business School during their study tour. The purpose of the visit is to experience abroad, promote international friendship and develop mutual understanding between people of two different countries. While we can present about the background of the institute, learning skills in different careers for Singaporean students, the visit also allows Cambodian and Singaporean students to learn from each other’s culture, discuss the differences in small groups and make friends At the end of the visit, Singapore students can have a campus visit and group photo together with Cambodian students.

Site Visit Request

For international institutes that wish to request a site visit at CamEd Business School, please use the link provided here. Visit Request

Or email us at [email protected]