Resume/Cover letter

A cover letter provides an introduction to your resume and serves to give employers a brief snapshot of who you are, what you can offer and why you’re keen to work for them. 

What will you earn from this training? 

  • Provide you (students) with an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills in an environment similar to an actual interview
  • Help you boost your confidence
  • Provide you with constructive feedback in a low-stress environment

Resume,Cover letter and Interview tips handbook

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Resume & Cover letterTemplate

Mock interview

A Mock interview is an emulation of a job interview used for training purposes, it can help a job student to understand what is expected of a real job interview, and also it can help a student improve his or her self-presentation. More than this, It gives you an opportunity to practice what to say and do during an interview and get feedback. Doing a mock interview will show you your strong and weak points and boost your self-confidence. 

What should interviewees bring for an interview ? 

It is highly recommended that you are prepared with a resume, curriculum vitae or portfolio appropriate for the position. As in an actual interview, a resume/CV/portfolio can generate questions for the interviewer and allow you to draw from your work and educational experiences.
Resume & CV submission
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