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CamEd Clubs

At CamEd, student clubs and co-curricular activities are selected and encouraged in order to align with and support the achievement of program learning outcomes. Student clubs are provided with matching funds financing and administrative support from the CamEd Career Service and Student Advising department. To ensure opportunities regardless of gender, CamEd has set a requirement that all clubs have student co-presidents, one of whom is a woman and one of whom is a man.

Through the student club, CamEd-er is expected to develop leadership skills, communication, networking, making new friends, among many others that will benefit them for the rest of their life.


Club Promotion Days

Annually, CamEd organizes an event titled “Club Promotion Day” to provide the opportunity for students to learn more about clubs that interest them and how they can get involved.  It also the club to showcase, recruit, and highlight all of your great clubs and events from the previous fiscal years.

For the “Club Promotion Days” schedule, please contact [email protected].

Call for a Proposal

CamEd is currently calling for a proposal to create a new club to diversify the line-up of the student club. As a student of CamEd, you are welcome to propose to create a new club ranging from Information Technology Club, Cycling Club, eSport Club, or Khmer Literature Club. You can select your club from the list here or propose a completely new idea.

There is no such thing as “bad ideas”…

For club registration, please CLICK HERE and fill in the information.

NOTE: Club Founding members will be awarded a 5% overall score for Team Psychology Class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's a student club? and How much does it cost to join a Club?

A​ ​student​ club​ ​is defined as a group of students who unite to promote or celebrate a common interest. The purpose of student clubs is to provide opportunities to engage, learn, and lead, allowing students to pursue their passions and interests with other students while developing leadership and organizational skills.

Being a member of a student club at CamEd is completely free. Although students shall meet the criteria and pass the selection process first before being able to become a member of a club.

Who can become a member or founder of Club at CamEd?

All CamEd students shall be allowed to join any student club as long as they are able to meet the club’s membership requirements. While membership requirements can be set by each club as they see fit.

All CamEd students are eligible to establish student clubs and organize events that will benefit CamEd, CamEd students, and society. This may include, but is not limited to, workshop, sharing session, competition, and campaigns. Each club is required to create a Club Facebook page to promote its activities. A CSSA Officer shall be an admin of the page so that the page can be passed to new club members in the future.

What is Match-Up Sponsorship Concept?

CamEd Student Clubs are encouraged to organize student events at least once a year based on their mission and vision to expose themselves to social activities and to develop necessary skills for their prospective career while aligning to achieve the program learning outcomes.

To support Student Club when it comes to organizing student events, CamEd provides each club with Match Up Sponsorship Concept. CamEd Sponsorship will grant to the student club by following into 2 procedures: (a) for Cash Sponsorship, CamEd will grant 100% matching to external parties sponsorship with USD 4,000 limitation, and (b) for In-Kind Sponsorship, CamEd will grant 50% in cash sponsorship to the amount that student club receives from external parties with USD 1,000 limitation.

Sponsorship can be granted to student clubs only after the student club tries to the best of their ability to find sponsorship from external parties.