Camping All Generation 2023: The Golden Land


Camping All Generations is a camping event that bring the memories of CamEders during their first footstep as freshmen back to life and enjoy the experiences once again. 

Camping All Generations 2023: the Golden Land enables all CamEd students to celebrate a party before starting a new term. In addition, all seniors and juniors also have a chance to spend time together and share experiences in order to build a stronger relationship with each others. 


  • Give junior and senior students a chance to bond
  • Discuss their experiences over the term and of course
  • Throw a party and have fun together before the start of the new term by organizing a camping trip that includes a variety of activities.

Additionally, it is a fantastic chance for CSG members to push themselves and get better which is advantageous for the next competition.

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Event Date: 6th to 8th January 2023                                                                                                          

Location: Puyam District, Commune Senmororom, Kbal Preah Village, Mondulkiri Province

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