Student Facilities

Welcome to CamEd Business School campus. Our beautiful school is located in the heart of Phnom Penh, near National treasury, iconic What Phnom pagoda and city’s financial center that contains the major banks and business centers. The exterior of CamEd building is designed in contemporary style with roman elements that is common for the university buildings. The unique look of the school’s building make it outstanding yet sustainably blended into the local design concept of the city center. Interior of the school is mainly designed in modern style to meet student’s needs and comfort. Classrooms, reading rooms, study lounges and other common places are designed in unexpected, interesting way, yet look comforting and elegant to satisfy aesthetic and functional needs of everyone who walks in the school. Rooms are named after famous people in finance and accounting fields, therefore students familiar with such name as Daniel Kahneman, Myron Scholes, Franco Modigliani, Robert Shiller, many other and their contribution to the science.

CamEd has extensive collection of art that is placed everywhere in the campus that contributes in development of sense of art in students and staff. There are paintings and sculptures of the famous artists from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Uzbekistan and other. You can take a look at the CamEd private collection by Clicking Here

Reading Room

Business Library

Support Center for Minority Groups

Religious Facilities

Social Room