About Us

CamEd is an accredited institute of higher education based in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. CamEd specializes in teaching accounting and finance and holds platinum quality recognition from the international, UK based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Our Vision

To develop a community of business professionals performing on par with those in international business centers, taking initiatives as leaders, and upholding ethical standards.

Our Mission

“To provide higher education with a focus on business, leading to qualifications of international quality and recognition.”

Our Values

Continuous Improvement

We recognize the need for continuous improvement in our processes and services by promoting efficiency and innovation which lead to profitable growth and result in greater opportunities. We continuously seek to better understand our stakeholders’ needs by conducting market and societal needs analysis, to improve all aspects of our programs and services to meet the needs, and to introduce innovative strategies to stay tuned to the constant market and societal changes. In addition, continuous professional development of our people through pursuit of higher qualifications, attending trainings, and sharing ideas and experiences is also essential to our institute. Moreover, we share local and international expertise to continually improve all aspects of our business and that of our stakeholders. Therefore, continuous improvement in all aspects of our institute is one of the core values that drive our success.


Maintaining high ethical standards is one of our values. We always maintain integrity, objectivity, and professional behaviors in all professional and business relationships in order to develop mutual trust, support, and respect from stakeholders. We believe that being ethical is a foundation of our success which leads to the greater responsibility on moral ascendancy.


CamEd believes high quality teaching is critical to students’ education. CamEd strives to maintain high performing and diverse academic staff, disseminating best practice in their respective fields. We provide international standards and best practices.  We respect and learn from local business practices and cultures and we provide knowledge tailored to local needs. In addition, we continuously update our programs and services to ensure that they stay relevant and that they are based on real-world applications. We, furthermore, engage guest speakers who currently work in their field to conduct lectures for our students. Our research publications also fully reflect the reality from the ground and are assigned  as teaching and learning materials. staff, disseminating best practice in their respective fields.

Our Educational Philosophy

Employable Skills

CamEd follows the principles of outcomes based education to help students achieve learning outcomes that are aligned with the current and future needs of employers and the economy.

Lifelong Learning

CamEd develops students to be lifelong learners to support their personal development, active citizenship, and continued employability.

Best Practice Teaching

CamEd believes high quality teaching is critical to students’ education. CamEd strives to maintain high performing and diverse academic staff, disseminating best practice in their respective fields.

Engagement and Respect

CamEd seeks the views and feedback of students, staff, and stakeholders, respecting their perspectives as valid and meaningful. CamEd works to cultivate a respectful, liberal, encouraging environment conducive to self-discovery, freedom of thought, innovation, and constructive debate. Team spirit is cultivated to achieve targeted outcomes.

IT Fluency and Adaptability

CamEd aims to provide IT enriched approaches to teaching and learning in order to enhance learning and inculcate the ability to adapt to and exploit changes in technology.


CamEd believes that personal, financial, and economic successes arise by acting with integrity, behaving ethically and creating shared value. CamEd builds ethical standards and behavior in its students and employees through study, community activities, and School practices.


After the end of the Cambodian civil war in 1998, there was urgent need to build business skills to develop the Cambodian economy. CamEd was established soon after in the year 2000 as a professional training organization for international companies and organizations. In 2003 CamEd began teaching for the international ACCA accounting qualifications. This coincided with the passage of a new law on accounting that was issued in the year 2003 which required professional licensure for accounting and auditing services. In 2010, CamEd was accredited as an institute of higher education with degree granting powers. In the same year, CamEd received a gold quality rating, the highest level of quality approval from the international ACCA. CamEd remains the only institute or university in Cambodia with quality recognition from the ACCA.

Within the higher education regulatory framework of Cambodia, CamEd is an “institute”. In Cambodia, regulations require “universities” to offer degrees in a broad range of subjects and majors across multiple colleges or faculties. In contrast, “institutes” are allowed to offer degrees of higher education in a more narrow range of subjects. CamEd is an institute which specializes in teaching accounting and finance.

Based in Phnom Penh, CamEd is Cambodia’s leading institute of higher education in the fields of accounting and finance. More than 50% of the annual recruits of the big four audit firms in Cambodia (PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, and EY) are students or graduates of CamEd.

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