Diploma in IFRS for SMEs

Course Overview

This course aims to develop the ability to prepare a financial report for an individual company in accordance with CIFRS for SMEs and IFRS for SMEs.This course focuses on accounting for businesses that typically use IFRS for SMEs. The scope of the course is the same as the accompanying Illustrative Example Financial Statements.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Within the scope of the course, candidates will be able to:

  1. Apply CIFRS for SMEs and IFRS for SMEs to transactions common to SMEs in Cambodia.
  2. Construct a general purpose financial report for a single company in Cambodia in compliance with CIFRS for SMEs and IFRS for SMEs.
Lecture Session and Hours: 12 sessions / 42 hours
Mode: Physical
Language: English with Khmer translation


Course: Diploma in IFRS for SMEs
Study time: Sundays  08:00 – 11:30
Course Start Date: Sunday, July 28, 2024
Course End Date: Sunday, November 10, 2024
Exam Date: Sunday, December 29, 2024
Status: Physical


Casey Barnett, FCCA, CFA

Casey is an expert in IFRS and trains professionals from the Big Four and listed companies. He also is an advisor to the National Accounting Council. He is a CFA charterholder, a fellow member of the ACCA and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Entrance Requirements

Apply online at www.cam-ed.edu.kh

There are no entrance requirements. However, this course is not for beginners. Students are expected to have an intermediate level of knowledge of accounting.


Tuition Fee: $ 459
Exam Fee: $ 159


Final Exam

December 2021 Final Exam (Khmer) (English) (Solution)

June 2022 Final Exam (Khmer) (English) (Solution)

December 2022 Final Exam (Khmer) (English) (Solution)

June 2023 Final Exam (English) (Solution)

December 2023 Final Exam (English) (Solution)

Mock Exam

December 2022 Mock Exam (Khmer) (English) (Solution)

June 2023 Mock Exam (English) (Solution)


The learning outcomes above are assessed in an exam set by the independent examiner Deloitte (Cambodia) with the Khmer version of the exam translated by CamEd Business School. Exams are scheduled every May and November. The upcoming exams will be on Sunday, 22 May 2022.

To earn the Diploma in IFRS for SMEs, candidates must earn a score of 50% or higher on the exam.
The exam may be taken in English language or Khmer language. The examination is 3 hours long and consists of two parts:

Part A : 25 Objective test questions (50 Marks)
Part B :

With reference to a trial balance and scenario information, construct:

  1. Statement of Income and Retained Earnings (20 Marks), and
  2. Statement of Financial Position (30 Marks)

The examination is delivered in Google Sheets and candidates must be able to construct their responses in a spreadsheet format.

Study Plan and Teaching Methods

The course follows the 24 lessons in the study plan below. Each lesson is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes each; there are a total of 42 class hours.