CSG Charity: “Charity For One – The Unity Of Life”


CSG Charity is one of our internal events held with the purpose of supporting and helping those who are in need in our society. This charity event is usually conducted in November and mostly takes place in education facilities where we donate and help those children who are our nation’s future.

In 2023, CSG Charity have returned under the theme: “Charity For One – The Unity Of Life”. This year’s Charity concept focuses on uniting as one to help those who are in need of support. Why The Unity Of Life? Not only do we do good deeds for humanity but also for nature, which is also a part of the living beings on this planet. Our charity this year will be a Triple Win, which is “Elder, Children, and Nature.”


  • To help and support the elderly who live along the street
  • To create a good memories together with children
  • Aiding and saving our environment
  • Enable members to contribute and learning from our Charity

Highlight Pictures Day 1: In Phnom Penh

Highlight Pictures Day 2: In Kampong Spue

Event Date: 26 & 27 August 2023                                                                                                                           Duration: 2 Separate Days

Location: Phnom Penh & Kompong Spue

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