Freshmen Bonding Trip: Opportunity to make friends


Freshmen Bonding Trip aims to help students connecting with fellow schoolmates through various activities that will enable their potentials to make decisions under tough situations as a team, and create new bonds with new friends and nature. 

This trip includes team building activities and these aim to develop teamwork and reinforce leadership, community, and problems solving while building trust, mitigating conflict, and encouraging communication. 

There are two rounds of the Freshmen Bonding Trip in 2023, and it takes place in Kirirom National Park. Our freshmen have the opportunity to collaborate with their fellow CamEders to accomplish tasks while exploring and learning in a new environment.

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Event Date: Round 1: Sunday, 7th May 2023 and Round 2: Saturday, 20th May 2023                                                                                                   

Location: Kirirom National Park

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