Freshmen Camping 2023: The Miracle town found the Newbie


Camping freshmen orientation is a 2 nights and 3 days camping trip for fresh new CamEders to experience the life of the wilderness while create strong bond and friendship along the way.

Camping freshmen orientation 2023 is conducted under the concept: “A Miracle Town Founded the Newbies. A place where fresh high school graduates gather and meet new people for a journey to start a new life on a new land with the combination of an amazing view of nature and a tough time in a difficult place.


  • To welcome our CamEd Freshmen to discover a life-changing experience, a new challenge, meet new friends, create memorable moments, and strengthen their confidence.
  • To experience the process of human evolution.
  • To comprehend ideas on how to overcome difficulties.
  • To prepare students with business activities and develop a business attitude.

Highlight Activities

Ice Breaking

Tent Set Up

Cooking Food


Decoration and Assemble

Morning Exercise

Trekking to Waterfall



Event Date: 17th to 25th February 2023                                                                                                               

Location: Puyam Distrit, Senmororom Commune, Kbal Preah Village, Mondulkiri Province

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