Khmer Culture Festival 2023: Khmer Krama


Khmer Culture Festival is an event that is organized by CamEd Student Government with the purpose of celebrating the Khmer New Year, while spreading Cambodia tradition, culture and heritage to the young generation. This event was first held in 2013. Khmer Culture Festival took place in the Chaktomuk Conference Hall for seventh consecutive year, once in the ITC conference hall and once online.

With a lot of support for the last eight years, CamEd Student Government celebrates its Khmer Culture Festival 2023 at Chenla Theatre under the concept “Khmer Krama”.


  • Raise money to support rural children’s education and well-being
  • Increase awareness of Khmer New Year’s culture and background
  • Preserve Khmer culture by showcasing musical instruments, traditional dances, and valuable artifacts
  • Show our devotion to Theravada Buddhism
  • Gather all students to have a fun-filled Khmer New Year by playing popular traditional games and building good relationships.
  • Encourage young people to know about our incredible culture

Highlight Activities

Blessing Ceremony

Roap Baat

Trot Dance


Eating Num Ansom Khmer

Leaksmee Bontum Dance

Chamrous Dance

Lakhon Khol

Krama Dance

Trot Dance

Yike Performance 

Role Play and Singing

Samai Performance by ECs

Khmer Clothing Show from Different Eras


Leaves Grabbing

Rice Bag Racing

Wet Sponge Throwing

Highlight Pictures

Event Date: 8th April 2023                                                                                                                                           Time: 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM                                                                                                

Location: Chenla Theatre

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