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Analyzing Interrelationships of Critical Barriers to University Technology Transfer: Multi-Stakeholder Perspectives from Vietnam

Phi- Hung Nguyen, Trinh Trong Hung and Nguyen Thanh Tam
FPT University

ACBSP Region 10 Annual Conference
2023, pp. 111 – 120




Universities have been tasked with generating and disseminating knowledge in an innovation system over the past few decades. However, university technology transfer (UTT) is regarded as a barrier to the commercialization and community application of innovative technologies. Consequently, identifying the obstacles and their complex interrelationships that impede the successful implementation of UTT provides a better understanding of the process, which may be considered as inputs for important decision-making initiatives. This study proposes an integration of Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) method and Grey theory to identify the critical barriers by comparing the perspectives of key stakeholders, including university scholars, entrepreneurs, and technology transfer offices, and examines the interrelationships between proposed barriers. These findings aim to assist various stakeholders in comprehending the impact of barriers on formulating strategies and initiatives to carry out the UTT process in Vietnam effectively.

Keywords: MCDM, university technology transfer, DEMATEL, Grey Theory

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