Department Information

All Students’ Requisition related to BA Study Group Requisition, General Requisition, Transfer Program Requisition, Non-BA Requisition And Frequently Asked Questions for Admissions.
Finance Department Information such as Request Forms, Documents & Report and Important Information
Human Resource Department is the place where serve support staff and academic staff.Here are information: Forms, Document, and report,..etc.
IT Department is the place students can ask questions related to their CamEd System or any other technical difficulties.
Questions about class performance grades or scores, class schedule, exams, and more...
Short, simple how-to of frequently asked questions about using the business library of CamEd and information resources.
Provide CamEd students with comprehensive career services and transformative experiences
Promote confidence in the quality standards of education provided by CamEd Business School through a systematic process of careful monitoring, accurate evaluation, and continuous enhancement of the quality of inputs, the quality of processes, the quality outputs, and the quality of outcomes.