CamEd Open Access Repository

Blended Learning: An Effective Learning Approach in the 21st Century

Christine Grace Colon
CamEd Business School

Faculty Publications
2020, pp. 116 – 121


Blended Learning is rapidly emerging as a domain of instructional approach and research. Across disciplines and contexts, at individual lecturer and institution levels, educators are experimenting with the blended model of instruction. Ham (2010) described blended learning as the “marriage of new technologies to old teaching’ and this had been positively embraced by both learners and teachers. Millennials have been referred to as “digital natives” in reflection of their apparent ease and familiarity with digital technology. It only makes sense for teachers to leverage this to the students’ advantage. However, questions remain on how ready teachers are in a blended learning model of instruction. This study will discuss how educators today can maximize the benefits of each mode of blended teaching and what they can do in order to tailor their lessons based on the needs of their students.

Keywords: Blended learning, 21st Century learning.

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