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Cambodian Civic Participation and COVID-19

Catherine Cecil
East-West Managment Institute (EWMI), Cambodia

International Research Symposium
2021, pp. 127 – 132




Throughout Cambodia, a myriad of organizations tackle diverse issues, experiencing firsthand the multifaceted challenges the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed. These challenges extended beyond health, severely impacting the economy and complicating efforts in civic engagement. Research from the Last-West Management Institute (EWMI) highlighted that the economic ramifications of the pandemic were particularly concerning for the Cambodian population. The pandemic’s restrictions hindered the gathering of citizens for democratic participation, posing a significant obstacle to civil society’s efforts toward fostering positive change. In response, civil society adapted by evaluating citizen concerns, prioritizing health issues, and engaging smaller groups in civic activities to maintain interest and participation among the populace.

As Cambodia grapples with the consequences of COVID-19, the nation confronts significant economic, social, and health-related challenges. The crisis has not only precipitated economic hardships but has also made the promotion of civic participation more challenging, reflecting the intricate link between public health and democratic engagement. This context was underscored in discussions with representatives from major United Nations (UN) agencies, academia, and the business sector, emphasizing the importance of incorporating perspectives from Cambodia’s civil society. These dialogues serve as a crucial platform for sharing insights and strategies, underscoring the collective effort required to navigate the pandemic’s multifaceted impact on society.

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