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Developing a Dynamic Model of Interactive e-Learning in Accounting and Finance Programs in Higher Education Institutions in Cambodia: A Phenomenological Study

Maria Isabelita C. Manzon- Cabrera
CamEd Business School

ACBSP Region 10 Annual Conference
2023, pp. 147 – 162




The advent of technology and putting emphasis on education in ICT has been the main focus of most universities in Cambodia. Higher education institutions are all the more challenged to be at par with neighboring countries in terms of 21st century skills and competencies, the dynamic intricacies of learning bring to the future at hand through e-learning. This study explored the lived experiences of teachers engaged in e-learning in Cambodia, especially during the pandemic. It also focused on the experience on the use of digital tools that generate great possibilities for developing new techniques of information search, skills, and technological abilities within the school’s academic framework, for teachers, who were able to ask themselves how much knowledge they have of these new tools. A phenomenological research design was adapted that culled the following emergent themes through constant comparison by means of phenomenological reduction: Innovative Teaching for Effective Learning, Building Motivation through Difficulties, E-Learning is a Necessity in New Normal Education, Having Aid from School and Technology, Prioritizes Students’ Effective Learning and Essentials that led to a Dynamic Model Framework for Interactive e-Learning in Cambodia. 

Keywords: Technology, interactive e-learning, higher education, technological skills in higher education, pandemic

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