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Learning by Doing - Case of Catalytic Pedagogy

Poornima Narayan R. and Anjali A.
SCMS Cochin School of Business

ACBSP Region 10 Annual Conference
2023, pp. 131 – 136




All life is learning and learning is lifelong. The 21st century has mandated a global shift towards inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Experiential learning triggers the development of these qualities by transforming the learner from passive to active. Days of classroom learning are a thing of the past. The concepts explained in the class have to be experienced as this enhances metacognition, the key to an efficient learner. Managerial concepts are better understood when students experience the business environment in tandem with the consumers.The current Indian teaching-learning system lacks field exposure, reflecting their professional preparedness. The teaching-learning strategy should be aligned towards building student competencies and creating a learning-practicing environment. This paper focuses on how understanding and practicing the concepts become more efficient when students internalize the crux and pulse of the concepts through real-life interactions. Even while we understand this connection, studies prove this needs to be improved. The study identifies an interdisciplinary area where field exposure contributed to student development. This being a trial, serves as effective proof of the innovative teaching methodology ‘learning by doing’. The tested methodology has to be sanctioned and adopted by the system for it to deliver efficient results from a wider perspective.

Keywords: Learning by doing, experiential learning, Metacognition, Kirana stores, Economics

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