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Volume 7 |  Number 1  |   January – June 2022   |  DOI:

The Influence of Facebook Apps and Activities on Purchase Intention: The Evidence from Cambodian Consumers

Received : April 2022   |   Revised: May 2022   |   Accepted:  June 2022


Mong Mara, Ph.D.
CamEd Business School, Cambodia
Email: [email protected]


Facebook has been widely used as a marketing tool for online businesses in Cambodia. It has been utilized by business owners to create relationships with customers and build trust between business owners or retailers and their customers. This study aims to examine the most important Facebook features and activities that influence consumers’ purchase intentions as well as the relationship between those factors and their purchase decisions. The data in this study was obtained from an online survey of 407 respondents in Cambodia who have had an experience buying products and services via Facebook online stores. The results indicated that sharing is the most important factor which influences consumers’ decision on buying products and services and influences the future consumers’ purchase decision. The other important factors are positive comments, number of likes, and friends’ likes. However, location check-in does not have a significant impact on the consumers’ purchase intention. These findings may contribute to online business owners’ or retailers’ insight of Facebook features with activities so that they can well strategize to maximize their online sales on the Facebook platform.

Keywords: Purchase intention, Facebook features, customers, online stores


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