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Volume 6 |  Number 1  |   January – June 2021   |  DOI:

Land Registration in Cambodia

Received : April 2021   |   Revised: May 2021   |   Accepted:  June 2021


Hap Phalthy, PhD.
Royal University of Law and Economics, Cambodia
Email: [email protected]
CamEd Business School, Cambodia
Email: [email protected]


The purpose of this article was to discover how private land in Cambodia has been registered since the introduction of land privatization in 1989. Many government strategies have been made in order to successfully grant private ownership to Cambodian citizens. The annual reports from the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction were mainly used to analyze the result of output of the land registration. The research result found that government commitment plays an important role in completing the nation-wide land registration via systematic land registration. The research suggested that speeding up land registration would attract investors to invest in land since the land ownership security can be guaranteed.

Keywords: Land registration; land management; land ownership; land privatization; Cambodia


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