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Volume 7 |  Number 2  |   July – December 2022   |  DOI:

The Past, Present, and Future of Management Consulting: Findings from A Global Survey

Received : August 2022   |   Revised: November 2022   |   Accepted:  December 2022


Huseyin Güngör, Ph.D.
University of Amsterdam Business School, Netherlands
Email: [email protected]



This article summarizes the developments in Management Consulting (MC) over the last century and explores several questions frequently appearing in MC research: Does MC add value? Does MC accelerate innovation? How digitization and advanced technologies will impact MC? What is the level of trust that business professionals put in MC? Although research questions are derived mainly from scholarly research, answers are sought from a managerial point of view based on a global survey with 122 participants. Results showed a positive tendency about MC among participants, where consultants are slightly more  optimistic about their influence; also, the impact of advanced technologies, such as AI, on MC is confirmed, possibly explaining the high growth rate of technology-driven consulting over the last few years.

Keywords: Management consulting; MC research; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning


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