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  • Manuscripts submitted by author(s) for publication in the Journal of Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Social Sciences must be original contributions and not previously published.
  • Research must not exceed 7,000 words, typed in double-space (including references) in 12 point Times New Roman font.
  • The cover page of the research paper should contain the following:
    • Title of the research
    • Name of author(s)
    • Institutional affiliation
    • Sponsoring information (if the research is sponsored or supported by an organization)
  • The manuscript paper must be accompanied by an abstract within 150 to 250 words. It must briefly state the purpose, methodology, findings, limitations, and implications of the research.
  • Keywords must be provided immediately after the abstract which encapsulates the principal topics of the paper. The number of keywords should be between 4 – 8.
  • As a standard requirement, the manuscript must contain the following:
    1. Abstract (150 – 250 words)
    2. Introduction (including the objectives of the study)
    3. Literature review (APA in-text citation) – at least 25 references 
    4. Hypotheses (if any)
    5. Methodology (Data sources, collection methods and techniques, sample design, statistical techniques)
    6. Data analysis/Discussion/Empirical Analysis (as needed)
    7. Conclusion (including limitations and scope for future studies)
    8. Recommendations (if appropriate)
    9. References: APA 7th edition. Learn more about the APA 7th edition:
  • Tables and figures should be placed either at the end of the paper/article or inside the body of the text. In case they are set at the end of the paper, their location in the text has to be indicated clearly as “Table – 1 about here.” Author(s) must check tables to ensure the title, column and headings are clear and to the point. Sources must be given below the table.
  • All figures (charts, diagrams and line drawings) must be precise and numbered consecutively.
  • Clear sources must support tables and figures from secondary sources placed in the paper.
  • Mathematical expressions should be presented in a way that will be easily printable.
  • Endnotes and footnotes are not allowed in an APA format paper.
  • References must be placed at the end of the paper and arranged alphabetically.
  • Either British or American spellings should be followed throughout the paper. However, British and American spellings should not not be mixed.
  • Author(s) must check their paper for clarity, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency of references to minimize editorial changes.
  • The editorial team has the right to modify or edit the work in order to match the requirement of standard and style of the journal. Further, the editorial team reserves the right to reject any manuscript that,in their opinion, is unsuitable for publication in the journal. 
  • Under no circumstances will the identity of the reviewer(s) be disclosed to the author(s) or to any other third party not involved in the editorial process.
  • Correspondence and corrections will be sent to the first author unless otherwise specified. The article will be published after receipt of the corrected proofs from the author(s) as suggested by the reviewers and communicated to the author(s).
  • All correspondence should be addressed to the Center for Business Research at [email protected] and Publishing Manager Mr. Yem Bunthorn at [email protected]

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