Volume 8, Number 1, 2023,  13 – 26

Sustainability Reporting in Cambodia: A Tale of Two Companies


Edman Padilla Flores, MBA, CPA
CamEd Business School
Email: [email protected]


Received: March 2023
Revised: May 2023
Accepted: June 2023


This study examines the current state of sustainability reporting in Cambodia by conducting a qualitative content analysis of the sustainability reports of two prominent Cambodian companies, NagaCorp Ltd. and Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. The findings show that both companies are committed to sustainability in their sustainability reports by emphasizing environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and governance. NagaCorp prioritizes reducing emissions, conserving resources, and promoting employee well-being and good governance, whereas Smart Axiata prioritizes economic growth, inclusivity, and process improvements. Both companies adhere to recognized reporting frameworks and prioritize standard compliance. The recommendations include collaboration, strengthening governance reporting for Smart Axiata, and engaging with stakeholders. Implementing these recommendations will improve the case companies’ sustainability performance and create long-term value for stakeholders and communities. The main limitation of this study is that it relies solely on information provided in sustainability reports, which may not accurately represent the companies’ sustainability practices. Additionally, constraints associated with research instrument development, data collection, and data analysis must be acknowledged, as they may affect the validity and reliability of the research findings. Future studies should include a larger sample size, develop standardized coding schemes, incorporate additional data sources, conduct comparative analyses across industries or countries, and track sustainability practices over time to observe trends and evolution of sustainability practices by Cambodian companies.

Keywords: Sustainability; Sustainability reporting; ESG; Cambodia

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