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Journal of Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Social Sciences (JAFESS) and CamEd Open Access Repository (CamEd OAR) of CamEd Business School (CamEd), are committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of its intellectual output and scholarly publications. This policy outlines the types of materials archived, retention periods, and access procedures.

Materials Included

This policy applies to the following materials:

  • Research data: Datasets, code, lab notebooks, and other materials generated or used in research projects funded by CamEd or conducted by its faculty, students and staff.
  • Publications: Peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, and other scholarly outputs published in JAFESS and CamEd OAR. 

Retention Periods

The following minimum retention periods apply to different types of materials:

  • Research data: The minimum retention period will be determined based on funding agency requirements, data sensitivity, and potential for future research. Generally, research data will be archived for a minimum of five years after project completion.
  • Publications: All scholarly publications by JAFESS and CamEd OAR will be archived permanently.


  • Metadata: Every published material shall be submitted in open and sustainable digital formats as soon as possible. A doi will be required to ensure its discoverability and long-term access.
  • DOI Administration: The JAFESS Publishing Manager and his/her representative(s) will be responsible for requesting and updating doi for every published content. 

The JAFESS Publishing Manager is responsible for the overall management of the archiving procedures, including:

  • Overseeing the selection, submission, and preservation of archived materials.
  • Ensuring the long-term accessibility and integrity of archived materials.
  • Developing and maintaining procedures for accessing archived materials.

This Archiving Guide will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains current with best practices and technological advancements.


Except where otherwise noted, content in JAFESS and CamEd OAR © 2016 by CamEd Business School is licensed under CC BY 4.0