This curriculum map shows the contribution of each course towards achievement of the program learning outcomes.

In each course specification, there is additional mapping showing the relationship between the individual course learning outcomes and the related program learning outcomes. Based on the CamEd Curriculum Mapping Concept Note, the mapping here uses a numerical ranking to indicate the relative importance of a course to achievement of the learning outcome:

5 = Major contribution to learning outcome
Advanced level of content knowledge/skill is expected. Students will be able to use the content or skills in multiple and complex contexts.
4 = Significant contribution to learning outcome
Strong content knowledge or skill is expected. At this level, the knowledge or skills are developed further, and students will be able to apply their knowledge or skills to a narrow range of complex contexts.
3 = Moderate contribution to learning outcome
Familiarity with the underlying concepts, knowledge or skills is expected. This level reinforces the foundation of knowledge or skills by applying the knowledge or skills to a wider range of applications.
2 = Minor contribution to learning outcome
General foundational knowledge or skills is expected, but subject specific knowledge or skills is not required. The focus of this level of contribution is on introducing subject specific knowledge and skills.
1= Foundational contribution to learning outcome
At this level of contribution, the course introduces general foundational knowledge or skills.