Research in the Master of Science in Accounting and Finance program will be coordinated by the CamEd Research Committee, currently lead by the following academic staff:

Dr. Kenneth Paul Charman

Chair, Research Committee

Dr. Kenneth Charman is a professor in business strategy and behavioral economics. He is a co-founder of the Harvard Business School Microeconomics of Competitiveness Asian Chapter. Dr. Charman was appointed as Visiting Research Fellow at the Royal Institution of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 2012.

Dr. Muhammad M. Ma’aji

Research Committee Member

Dr Muhammad M. Ma’aji is a certified Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) and an Associate Professor at CamEd Business School Cambodia. Dr Ma’aji holds a PhD and MSc in Finance from the Universiti Utara Malaysia and a BA in Accounting & Finance from the University of Greenwich, UK.

Dr. Tapas Dash

Research Coordinator

Dr. Dash is the Research Advisor at CamEd Business School. As an academic and consultant, he has more than 25 years of work experience in academic administration, teaching, research, capacity building, guiding research scholars, and conducting and managing a number of research and consultancy projects funded by the international and national organizations including the Government. Dr Dash was a member of the National Committee on Doctoral Degree Program, Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport, RGC and an ACC Assessor.

Students conducting research will be assigned a research advisor with expertise and research experience relevant to the proposed topic of the student carrying out the research. Research work will be agreed upon between the advisor and the student. Research should be relevant to business or stakeholders in Cambodia and involve directly researching issues in Cambodia or the application of international principles or findings to issues in Cambodia.

The research report format should follow the format and referencing style of the American Psychological Association (APA) and be subjected to two phases of reviews.

Stage One Advisor Review

The draft research report after completion of the literature review; the literature review should comprise a minimum of 25 references and the draft research report will also be expected to include identification of the research objectives and questions, the chosen methodology for undertaking the research (including the selected variables for the research) and the target journal for publication; peer review at this stage is intended to ensure that the research being undertaken is of good quality and to identify the steps required for completion of the research report and submission to a suitable journal; draft research reports for Stage One Advisor Review can be submitted to the Learning Support Center who will act as the coordinator and administrator of student research.

Stage Two Panel Review

The draft research report should be largely completed; peer review at this stage is intended to provide comments on the overall quality and consistency of the research report and tob identify any likely weaknesses or gaps in the methodology, data analysis or conclusions prior to submission to a journal; draft completed research reports should be submitted to the Learning Support Center who is the research coordinator. If the research is not submitted for Stage Two Panel Review within three months of the Stage One Advisor Review, the researcher is requested to submit a brief report to the Learning Support Center to indicate why it has not been possible to complete the paper within this time period and to provide a plan for completion of the research. In all cases support will be provided to the researcher by the Research Committee and/or the Research Advisor to assist the researcher to complete their research.

Final Panel Review and Defense Presentation

Students will be given an opportunity to respond to the feedback from the panel review. Students will revise and review their research for a final panel review. Once approved by the panel, the Learning Support Center shall arrange for the student researcher to present and defend their research to a final committee of experts and peers.