Subjects Taught

Business Ethics (MGMT 311), Research (ACCT 661)






Dr. Kenneth Charman is a professor in business strategy and behavioral economics at CamEd Business School. He started his career in the oil sector and then in consulting London, and after completing his MBA in 1991, he worked in economic development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where he has led major development projects for the European Union including national and regional development, regulation and sector-specific development assignments. He has undertaken long term assignments in Belarus, Syria, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyz Republic, and was employed as a development specialist in the European Commission in Brussels. He has been employed as a teaching and research professor in Kazakhstan and is a co-founder of the Harvard Business School Microeconomics of Competitiveness Asian Chapter. He has also undertaken many private sector assignments and focuses on strategy and organizational development at the national, regional, sector and firm level. Dr. Charman was appointed as Visiting Research Fellow at the Royal Institution of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 2012.


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