English for Academic Purposes 1 (ENGL 111), English for Academic Purposes 2 (ENGL 112)


MBA, Master of English Language Teaching, CELTA




Mansoureh Bahadori, an accomplished English Lecturer, holds a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching, an MBA degree, and is CELTA-certified. Her Master’s degree provides her with a profound understanding of pedagogical theories and effective language instruction techniques. She adeptly creates dynamic learning environments that foster communicative competence and critical thinking skills among her students.

Additionally, her MBA degree enhances her teaching abilities by bridging the gap between language instruction and the practical application of business concepts. With a solid foundation in business administration, Mansoureh seamlessly integrates industry-specific vocabulary, real-world examples, and case studies into her instructional approach, effectively preparing students for success in the business world.

With nearly a decade of teaching experience, Lecturer Mansoureh has developed a strong foundation in language instruction and honed her pedagogical skills. After completing her CELTA certification, Mansoureh embarked on her teaching career in Cambodia, where she applied her expertise in an international educational context. As a former educator at the prestigious Australian Centre for Education and a presenter at CamTESOL in both 2023 and 2024, Mansoureh joined the esteemed CamEd team. She continues to conduct research and implement innovative educational strategies to provide an exceptional learning experience.