Cambodian Business Law (LAWS 311)


LL.B, LL.M, PhD.




Dr. Virak Prum is a respected figure in the legal community and brings with him over 15 years of combined international academic and work experience in the fields of law, policy and international development. His past leadership work includes heading the legal department of potentially the biggest corporation in Cambodia, being a senior political officer at the British Embassy, a senior legal consultant at a firm, a dean of a law faculty, a public affairs specialist at the United States Embassy, a policy advisor for an international organization and an Associate Dean of a college of social sciences. Dr. Virak Prum has published articles in various peer-reviewed journals on decentralization, public administration and climate change. He has also authored many opinion pieces on Phnom Penh Post and Khmer Times on constitutional law, administrative law, international economic law and competition law. Dr. Virak Prum is a frequent speaker and acts as a legal expert at numerous conferences and workshops. He also used to give lectures at the Royal Academy for Judicial Professions.


  1. Suspension of Employment Contract readmore
  2. Meaning of the British Rule of Law readmore
  3. Non-Competition Clause in the French Labor Law readmore
  4. Subordination in Employment Relationship readmore
  5. A Note on Constitutional Principle: Same Work, Same Wage? readmore
  6. A Note on Legal Methods: Recent Caselaw in Cambodia readmore
  7. Expanding Cambodian Labor Law Through Jurisprudence readmore
  8. Decentralization within the Centripetal Expression of State Power: Re-Guiding Cambodian Statutory Devolution, Forum of International Development Studies, Vol.28 (March 2005, Nagoya University) readmore
  9. Reforming Cambodian Local Administration: Is Institutional History Unreceptive for Decentralization?, Forum of International Development Studies, Vol. 30 (September 2005, Nagoya University) readmore
  10. Climate Change and North-South Divide: Between and Within, Forum of International Development Studies, Vol.34 (March 2007, Nagoya University) readmore
  11. Canada and Climate Change: The Game Has Just Begun, Journal of Law and Politics, Vol.224 (July 2008, Nagoya University)
  12. Reinforcing Labor Caselaw: Recent Decisions Concerning Union, Strike, FDC readmore
  13. Constitution: A Glance at Fundamental Concepts readmore


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