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Shamila Ramjawan is the former Mrs. Johannesburg 2019. She is an accomplished, renowned, formidable, and well-respected multiple global award-winning entrepreneur and academician with over 30 years of experience, spanning from the private sector, and entrepreneurship to academia. She is an author, lecturer, and global women empowerment speaker who focuses on personal branding, mentoring, and coaching.

Shamila is the Managing Director of Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI UK) the largest women empowerment platform in the world, with a representation in 194 countries. She is the Country Director (South Africa) for the International Youth Society (IYS), with representation in over 145 countries, and is the South Africa Country Director for MentorX Women located in India.

With the intellectual curiosity that drives her to be a lifelong learner, this 6 times published author possesses an MBA degree among her many educational qualifications. She was awarded a full scholarship from Honoris United Universities in Morocco where she will fulfill her dreams of completing her Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) in 2024. Inspired by well-known trailblazer writers, she has written over 250 quotes to date and hopes to publish her next book later in 2024.

Shamila has earned many global awards and accolades, with her continuous and admirable work in communities with her product, the PrincessD Menstrual Cup which she innovated in 2016. She earned the “Play Your Part” Ambassadorship for Brand South Africa through her community-centric mindfulness in keeping the girl child in school during menstruation with her product.

She was a global awardee of the Centre for Economic & Leadership Development (CELD): Global Female Leadership Impact Award 2017 Dubai; inducted into the Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame (GWLHOF) Dubai; and featured in the January 2018 special Edition of Amazon Watch Magazine as the Top 100 Most Influential Women to watch in Emerging Economies.

Shamila, a reality star, was 1 of 8 “Thrivors” for Season 1 of, Real TV Docu-Series (recorded in 8-28 October 2019). The theme “A Million Dreams for the Win-Win Wins” is right up this philanthropist’s alley as she thrives on changing lives, her values, and her highest priorities to serve communities through non-profit work. She spent 21 days in a tent, ate plant-based food, and fundraised, to honor community projects in Swellendam, Western Cape, South Africa.

Shamila received The US President’s Volunteer Service Gold Award and the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 for her “lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service”.

As a primary lecturer in Business Management at the University of South Africa, with her contribution to community development, Shamila received the University of South Africa (Unisa) Annual Award – Significant Achievements Category in August 2021.

In 2022, she was chosen as one of 30 mentors in the Deloitte/Women in Africa (WIA) Mentorship Programme from 500 applicants. 

Shamila launched her global talk show “Red Corner Show” where she engages with women and men from diverse cultures across the world to share real-life stories to empower, inform, and inspire others inclusively. Since its inception in August 2020, she has interviewed men and women from across the globe and has her own YouTube channel.

This unstoppable woman of substance debuted as an actor in two South African movies. Little Big Mouth is currently on Netflix and Who’s My Daddy hit the South African movie theaters in September 2022.