Subjects Taught

Management Accounting 2 (ACCT 321)






Dr. Lim Siphat graduated his PhD in Economic and Master of Science in Finance, major in Financial Engineering and Risk Management, from Thammasat University, Thailand. He used to work for the National Bank of Cambodia as an Economist and member of Exchange Rate Management.


  • An Estimation of Term Structure of Interest Rate in the Cambodia Banking System,
  • The Volatility of the CSX Index: GARCH(1,1) Model readmore
  • The Behavior of Students in the Economics Class at CamEd Business School readmore
  • Dollarization and the Perception of ASEAN Currency in Cambodia by Lim Siphat readmore
  • The Effect of Macroeconomic Policies on Cambodia's Economy: ARDL and VECM Model,
  • Dollarization and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Cambodia,
  • Money, Exchange Rate, and Price Level in Cambodia: A Vector Autoregressive Analysis,
  • The Effect of Monetary Policy on Balance of Trade in Cambodia.
  • Early Warning of Banks Failure in Cambodia: Cox’s Proportional Hazard Model readmore
  • Applying Markowitz Portfolio Theory on Cambodia Securities Exchange readmore
  • The Effect of Export on Economic Growth in Cambodia: Policy Formulation readmore