Subjects Taught

Microeconomics (ECON 201), Macroeconomics (ECON 202), Research (ACCT 661)






Dr. Dash is the Research Advisor at CamEd Business School. As an academic and consultant, he has more than 25 years of work experience in academic administration, teaching, research, capacity building, guiding research scholars, and conducting and managing a number of research and consultancy projects funded by the international and national organizations including the Government. Some of these organizations are International Labour Organisation (ILO), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Plan International Cambodia, Cambodian Development Resource Institute (CDRI), Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC), National Television of Kampuchea (TVK), and multiple other organizations. 

Dr Dash has guided more than 15 research scholars as a supervisor in their doctoral research and more than 100 students in their research projects for MBA degrees both in Cambodia and India. He has written/edited three books, published more than 25 research papers in national and international journals and edited volumes and participated/presented papers in international conferences held in USA, France, South Korea, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Cambodia. He is also an editorial board member of several international journals. 

Dr Dash was a member of the National Committee on Doctoral Degree Program, Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport, RGC and an ACC Assessor. 


  • Sustainability Plan of the Greater Mekong Sub-region Research Network (GMS-Net), funded by Cambodia Development Resource Institute, (February to March, 2019).
  • Score of Perceived Outcomes (ScoPeO) Baseline Survey, funded by Humanity and Inclusion (August to September, 2019).
  • Youth Perspectives on the Minimum Wage in Cambodia, Youth Resource Development Program (August to September, 2019).
  • Feasibility Study on Safer Cities for Girls in Phnom Penh City and Siem Reap Municipality, funded by Plan International Cambodia (October to December, 2019).
  • Review of the TVET Research Project, funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (November to December, 2019).
  • Feasibility Study on Skill for Success: The Skill for Success for Disadvantaged Young People in Siem Reap and Ratanak Kiri Provinces, funded by Plan International Cambodia (December 2019 to March 2020).
  • Assessment Study on the Engagement and Participation of Youth in Local Planning and Budgeting Process, funded by Advocacy and Policy Institute, co-researcher with UNICEF (December 2019 – ongoing).
  • Soft Skill Curriculum Development in the Context of Youth Skill Development and Employment in Cambodia, funded by Plan International Cambodia (February 2020 - ongoing).
  • A Study on Foreign Direct Investment in Least Developed Countries of Southeast Asia (with special reference to Cambodia), (Degree awarded in 2008).
  • Inter-Province Variations in Social Services Expenditure in Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2008).
  • Empowerment of Women in Agriculture - A Case Study of Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2008).
  • Community Fish Refuge Husbandry in Lowland Agricultural Ecosystem in South-eastern Region of Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2009).
  • Planning and Staff Deployment in Secondary Education- A Study of the Underserved Areas in Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2009).
  • Economic and Financial Performance of Fishery Co-operatives – A Study of Fishery Co-operatives around Chilika Lake, Orissa, India, (Degree awarded in 2010).
  • A Study of Finance and Cost of Higher Education in Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2011).
  • Flows of Foreign Aid and its Impact on Economic Growth of CLMV Nations of Southeast Asia, (Degree awarded in 2012).
  • Private Cost and Quality in Higher Education in Cambodia – A Study of Learners’ Perception, (Degree awarded in 2017).
  • A Study on the Operational Procedures, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Motivation of PPSDN, Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2017).
  • A Comprehensive Study on Tax Administration, Tax Policy and Impact of Tax Revenue on Economic Growth of Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2018).
  • A Study on ASEAN Trades and Policies (with special reference to Cambodia), (Degree awarded in 2018).
  • A Study on Factors Influencing the Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises in Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2018).
  • A Study on Development of Tourism in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, (Degree awarded in 2019).
  • A Micro Level Study on the Determining Factors of the Performance of Microenterprises in Cambodia, (Degree awaited 2020).


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Research Papers/articles (Selected)

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