Program and curriculum development is the responsibility of the Curriculum Committee. The Curriculum Committee operates according to the rules set out in the document Curriculum Committee and Policies, included in this program specification as Appendix 3.

The program and curriculum is developed and improved based on the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by employers. Formal and informal surveys of the needs of employers is conducted periodically.

Lecturers will be a front-line quality control for the success of curriculum improvement. At least once a year, lecturers shall be invited to give feedback and propose changes to the overall curriculum as well as the course specifications for their courses.

On a regular basis, the students and alumni shall be invited to provide feedback on the curriculum and course specifications.

Every 1-3 years, the Curriculum Committee will benchmark the CamEd curriculum with the requirements of IFAC. The Curriculum Committee will also consider the requirements of the ACCA, the CFA Institute, the US AICPA, and the curriculum of similar programs of leading UK and US universities.