BA + CAT Program


The mission of CamEd is to provide higher education with a focus on business, leading to qualifications of international quality and recognition.


The vision of CamEd Business School is to develop a community of business professionals performing on par with those in international business centers, taking initiative as leaders, and upholding ethical standards.

Best Practice Teaching

CamEd believes high quality teaching is critical to students’ education. CamEd strives to maintain high
performing and diverse academic staff, disseminating best practice in their respective fields.

Employable Skills

CamEd follows the principles of outcomes based education to help students achieve learning outcomes that are aligned with the current and future needs of employers and the economy.


CamEd believes that personal, financial, and economic successes arise by acting with integrity, behaving ethically and creating shared value. CamEd builds ethical standards and behavior in its students and employees through study, community activities, and School practices.

Lifelong Learning

CamEd develops students to be lifelong learners to support their personal development, active citizenship, and continued employability.

IT Fluency and Adaptability

CamEd aims to provide IT enriched approaches to teaching and learning in order to enhance learning and inculcate the ability to adapt to and exploit changes in technology.

Engagement and Respect

CamEd seeks the views and feedback of students, staff, and stakeholders, respecting their perspectives as valid and meaningful. CamEd works to cultivate a respectful, liberal, encouraging environment conducive to self-discovery, freedom of thought, innovation, and constructive debate. Team spirit is cultivated to achieve targeted outcomes.