CamEd Sustainability

CamEd Sustainable Development Club

Scourge of our time is the climate change that has global and local impact even today! Irresponsible consumption, waste and carbon pollution are CamEd’s social responsibility concern.

From teachers and staff to student and friends, stand for principles of environment preservation and responsible consumption of resources. Students encouraged and supported by school’s management to promote the sustainability ideas not only among CamEd community but in whole country. Therefore, CamEd developed the policies in response to the environmental concerns and supported the establishment of the CamEd Sustainable Development Club, that is actively involved into sustainability projects and program.

Energy Conservation

Artist: Nout Daro
CamEd's private collection

The students and staff of the school are encouraged to save electricity, by using less AC, turning off lights sources where not needed etc. in order to reduce the bill of the month.

Common areas such as Lecture Halls are equipped by automated light sensors to turn off in the absence of people.

Water Conservation

To reduce water waste, sinks is fit with automated facet sensors.

To purify the water and reduce the consumption of bottled water, CamEd Business School is equipped with water purification machines.

World Water Day Concept Conservation and Sustainability

Recycling Management

CamEd encourages students and staff to use less paper through means including the following:
1. Recycle paper towels in toilets every day
2. Reduce plastic usage by using more recycling materials like Bottle of Water, Drinking Cup etc.

Waste Management

Artist: Nout Daro
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Irresponsible consumption leads to more production, more waste that can not be recycled and end up in our soil, our oceans, in animals… We encourage the young generation to think about these vital problems today and act now. Recycling is the key in maintaining our Earth clean and habitable not only for humans but animals too.


It is encouraged to use bicycles and park them at CamEd campus in designated areas

In order to reduce the number of motor vehicles and motorbikes on campus, Individual students and employees are not allowed to park their vehicles on the school premises during a normal school day and working hours (7am-5pm)

Artist: Nout Daro
CamEd's private collection