Students entering the program shall have a high school diploma approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport of Cambodia. International students without a Cambodian high school diploma will need to have their high school certificate evaluated by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport and determined to be the equivalent of a Cambodian high school certificate.

Students entering the program shall also have successfully passed the CamEd entrance exams and interviews, which consist of a variety of internationally benchmarked assessments of English language skills and intellectual capacity. Entering students must have sufficient English as evidenced by one of the following criteria:

  • IBT TOEFL 40 or higher
  • PBT TOEFL 435 or higher
  • IELTS 5.0 or higher
  • CEFR B2 or higher
  • CEFR A2 and B1 with enrollment in ENG111P


Students are allowed to transfer any course credits from other institutions of higher education only when the courses and quality of the other institution has been appropriately reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee of CamEd Business School. Any higher education institution in any country may be accepted and approved for transfer of credit.


Students will earn the Bachelor of Accounting and Finance degree after earning at least 120 credits and successfully passing 32 courses out of 36 courses in this program specification. Upon exit from the bachelor of accounting and finance, students may consider two paths of continued education:

  1. Professional certification such as ACCA, CPA, CMA, CFA, CRM.
  2. Graduate degrees such as an MBA or an MSc in accounting, finance or management.