Learning Support Center (LSC)

Frequently Asked Questions for LSC

How can I complain about my performance grade or score?

Use CamEd mobile app, find “Requisition”. You can request for your grade/score to be reviewed. It will automatically sends to inbox of the Learning Support Center. LSC staff will then check it and verify your score accordingly.

What is the period allowed for students to complain about their score or grade?

Score adjustment request is accepted only if it is made within 1 week after the score has been released. You should be able to check your score regularly and take action responsibly.

Who should I ask , if I find that my grade or score not correct or wrong?

First, you should try to approach your class lecturer to have it solved. If it is not the end yet, you should visit LSC or request for your score to be reviewed via CamEd app.

To whom should I report , if I forgot my wallet (or phone , watch,ect) somewhere in CamEd?

First, you should report it to the person in the department where you think you lost it in. If he/she has no idea, you should try to ask the cleaning ladies who might have seen it and kept it for you somewhere. If this is still no use, you should report it to the LSC staff or IT staff to check the security camera.

If I forgot my nameplate at home, but I come to class. Do I get attendance score?

Student attendance is automated. The system requires the students to fingerprint and to scan their nameplate. Without one of the methods, attendance is not recorded.

If I forgot my nameplate at home but would like to have a temporary nameplate to save my attendance, how do I get it?

You need to request a new nameplate through your student access. It can also be done on your phone with CamEd app. After sending the request, you should go to the accounting department to make a payment for the new nameplate. Then, you should get a receipt of the payment and bring it to the LSC to get a temporary nameplate.

I would like to ask for permission to be absent from class, How do I do that?

CamEd does not give permission to students to be absent from class. If you cannot attend class due to some reasons, your attendance is automatically 0% on that particular date.

If I cannot attend class on the day when teacher is giving the students a quiz, Can I ask to make up that quiz?

CamEd does not allow for the students to make up quizzes or tests or exams earlier or later. If you miss out a class when there is a quiz, your attendance and quiz will be automatically 0% on that particular date.

If I cannot attend class or late for class, but I ask my friends to help me scan my nameplate to save my attendance score, is it possible?

In the CamEd Student Honour Code, the students are required to be responsible for their professional activities including those during their academic journey. Giving and receiving aid in academic activities without permission is a violation of the code.

I am studying and also working at the same time. I have a job mission to province. I will not be able to attend class for period of time. How will I survive the course?

If you are in the fourth year, you are encouraged to work and study at the same time. To support you in this academic and professional journey, you can visit the LSC to ask for an Excuse Letter and its procedures that will give you a special permission.

If I am sick in hospital, can I ask for permission from class?

Being sick with a doctor’s prescription, you may ask for an Excuse Letter from the LSC. Your attendance score may be excused, but you may lose quizzes or tests that are conducted on the day when you are not present. But you may ask for permission to do it online from home or hospital at the same time when all others students are doing it in class, since quizzes and exams are online.

The exam schedule at CamEd is in conflict with my study schedule at another university, Can I change my exam schedule?

CamEd exam, when officially announced to the students, is not subject to change. You are recommended to inform or ask permission from the other university. To support you, you can ask the LSC to issue you a letter of reference to confirm that you have exams at CamEd to ask permission from the other university.

If I have a job mission during the exam, How can i take the exam?

Since our exams are online, you should visit the LSC to discuss this matter. You may request to take the exam online from where you work. Also, you should ask the LSC to show you the procedures or how to get prepared for an online exam.

During an exam or quiz , if someone next to me or behind is copying from my work, will I be caught cheating? Or is it only the person who is copying from me, who will be caught cheating , and not me?

If you notice or suspect that someone is copying from your work during exams or quizzes, you should inform the invigilator. If you know it and not report it or pretend not to know it, the invigilator will report you and the other person cheating.

If I cannot catch up with the lesson in class, and would like to have some kind of tutorial session to review the lesson or to study more on particular topic, What should I do?

CamEd students can request to have a tutorial class through Student Access. This procedure applies most especially to the subjects of FA2, MA2, F1, F2, F3. Or the students should visit the CSSA to discuss the issues and procedures and find a solution.

If I want to complain about a particular teacher, How should I do?

The LSC conducts the faculty evaluation twice each term. The students are encouraged to evaluate their teachers by rating them on a scale of 1 – 7. 7 is excellent and 1 is bad.

If I would like to change from class A to B due to my personal problem, what should I do? How can I change it?

Changing classes, for example from A to B, may affect some of the on-going assessment scores such as quizzes, assignments, homework, etc. due to the different pace of the lesson in different classes. Normally, such request will be rejected. But if you change class because you get employed and cannot stay in the regular day time schedule because of your work, you can request through the Student Access and attach any required documents. Or you should visit the CSSA or LSC to discuss the issue.

If I complete the BA program, but I have not passed all the 9 CAT subjects yet, Will I be awarded with two degrees on graduation day?

You will be awarded with only the BA degree if the CAT subjects that remain are one among F1, F2, F3, FAU, and FFM. Instead, if the remaining CAT subjects are only FA1, FA2, MA1, MA2, you should visit the office of the student’s affairs to clarify and to ask to know the procedures of how to claim an exemption from any of those four subjects.

If I want to complain about a particular staff, to whom should I report?

Aside from the lecturer evaluation, there is an institution evaluation once a year, in which staff and each department are included. However, if your complaint is urgent, you may report it, either verbally or by email, to the head of that department where the staff is employed, or you may report it to the IQA office, or you may report it to the President of CamEd.

If i have two exam at CamEd which happen to overlap one another, meaning I have two exams at the same time, because one of the subject is my retake class, what can I do?

You should either email or visit LSC to discuss the issue. Normally, for such a case, the students will be required to attempt both exams, by taking one after another with very limited break time between the two exams.

If I would like to have some documents photocopied or printed, is it free to do so? Where can I get such assistance or service?

Copying and printing service is available in the photocopying and printing room below the Learning Support Center floor. The students are required to have a printing/photocopying coupon that the students can get from the finance/accounting department. You should also ask about the coupon procedures.

Is it OK for me to use old exam documents to review? Where can I get past exam document for my own review?

Reviewing past exam documents is not wrong. The students can ask for past exam documents for review from the LSC. The LSC may be careful to ask for an approval from the lecturer first. With approval, the documents will be shared. Normally, there is no restriction imposed on the LSC from sharing past exam documents with students, because the exam policy requires that all exams are new and updated.

What should I do to ensure that I can pass all the subject I am studying?

You should not miss any class. You should try your best to do any work given by the lecturer. You should also keep track of your performance scores in the academic system / mobile app. If any mistakes are found, you should quickly contact the LSC to clarify. You should be able to achieve at least above average in all class work and exams.

I am stuck in a traffic jam, can I ask to come late for class?

Being late for class is a risk of losing an attendance score, because the system will not record if fingerprint is made later than 5 minutes after the class has started.

How do I appeal a cheating report?

To appeal a cheating report, please look at the instruction written in the warning letter that was sent to you. In there, you should see that you can appeal by sending an email to [email protected]. The appeal committee should respond to you within a week or no longer than 10 days.

Where do I find the appeal procedure?

The appeal procedure can be found in the Student Rulebook. The Student Rulebook can be found on the CamEd website, under the ‘Academics’ section, BA + CAT program.

How long do I have to appeal a cheating report?

The duration allowed for appeal is written in the warning letter that was sent to you. You should be able to see a statement that says you have a week to appeal after the letter has been sent to you.

Can I meet face to face with the appeal committee to discuss my appeal?

The appeal committee will only respond to you by email, and they cannot meet the students in person or face to face.

Why can't the appeal committee discuss any student's appeal face to face?

Avoiding face-to-face meetings with the students can ensure a few things: Firstly, it saves everyone’s time because sending email can be done anywhere and any time of the day; it may also save cost. Secondly, objectivity will also be ensured for both sides, the student and the committee; and this will ensure a fair judgement of the committee. Lastly, the communication by email is more formal and professional with a written response as references.