The Master of Science in Accounting and Finance will utilize and benefit from the resources of CamEd Institute, which include the resources of the Learning Support Center, Career Services and Student Advising, CamEd teaching and learning facilities, and the CamEd Business Library.

Learning Support Center

Learning Support Center or LSC is one of the support service departments of the school that provides support to the faculty members and students and also works closely with other support service departments. The main duties of the LSC are to ensure that quality support is provided to both faculty members and students in order to enhance the quality of their teaching and learning and also to harmonize their teaching and learning experience. There is a team of 18 full-time LSC support staff.

The key support services provided by the LSC include scheduling classes, reviewing the alignment between the course specification and the materials, getting the classroom and teaching equipment ready before class, invigilating the students’ tests and examinations, marking the students’ work and maintaining and retaining the students’ grades in the academic system, and ensuring the academic integrity honoring the CamEd Student Honor Code.

Taking part in ensuring the teaching quality, the LSC also conducts the ‘faculty evaluation’ twice every academic term to report to the management and the faculty.

Career Services and Student Advising

To provide CamEd students with comprehensive career services and transformative experiences by providing academic advising, counselling and business consultations; by delivering high quality career and job search programs, resources and events for transitioning to professional life; by developing a supportive network of CamEd faculty, staff, alumni and employers; and by facilitating career placements and internships.

Computer Laboratory and Digital Services

There is a modern computer laboratory as well as laptop and desktop computers available for student use. In total, there are more than 400 computers available. Moreover, there is high speed internet access throughout the CamEd Institute facilities. Students also have access to an online Google Apps for Education account to facilitate learning. Students and computers are provided a range of relevant software ranging from testing software to Quickbooks accounting software to SPSS statistical software.

CamEd Teaching and Learning Facilities

Our institute has available to support students approximately 20 classrooms and lecture halls, 4 business lab rooms, a computer laboratory and 2 extensive reading rooms. We provide a large discussion room and social spaces. Students are also provided with religious spaces for prayer and contemplation, as well as an onsite medical clinic. All of the facilities are located in the center of Phnom Penh’s financial district, near Wat Phnom.

CamEd Business Library

The CamEd Business Library provides a circulation service of a selection of over 10,000 physical books and journals and an electronic collection with access to over 100,000 titles. For the circulation service, students can borrow titles for up to 60 days. The library is open 7 days a week from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

The library also provides a reference service and library instruction, to assist students in their research. Moreover, the library provided learning services including a language lab and classroom videos and a variety of e-learning platforms.