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English for Academic Purposes 1 (ENGL 111)






Mr. Jason Rosette holds the position of professor of English at CamEd Business School, bringing with him a wealth of experience in media and communications. Graduating from New York University with a degree in Film & TV in 1991, Among his notable works is the documentary ‘BookWars’, recognized by the New York Film Critics Circle and the LA Times, now archived within the Film & Video collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Additionally, Mr. Jason’s involvement in the ASEAN region commenced in 2004, where he began his tenure as an educator. Over the years, he has instructed in a range of subjects including English, Journalism, Academic & Creative Writing, Documentary Filmmaking, Video Production, Art History, Research Methodology, Acting/Voice Performance, and Public Speaking. His teaching appointments have spanned institutions such as RUPP (DMC), Thailand, the US Embassy American Center (Yangon, Myanmar), and previously also at CamED in 2012, among others.

In 2010, he earned an MA in International Development studies from the RUPP, an endeavor aimed at integrating his interests in media, communications, and prosocial video production. Since 2019, he has directed his focus towards long-form audio production, engineering, narration, and performance, resulting in the creation of numerous podcasts, audio dramas, and audiobooks available across platforms such as Audible and Spotify, as well as music production in the alternative and jazz standards genres. Complementing his academic and media pursuits, Mr. Jason also engages in coaching endeavors, specializing in business voice dynamics, public speaking & presentation skills, and accent modification and neutralization based on a Midwest American model. His multifaceted expertise and dedication to education contribute significantly to the academic milieu at CamEd Business School, offering students valuable insights and skills in the realm of English and communications