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Volume 9 |  Number 1  |   January – June 2024  

The Rise in Food Prices and the Export of Milled Rice in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Received : January 2024 


Thath Rido, Ph.D.
CamEd Business School, Cambodia 
Email: [email protected]


Rice plays a crucial role in the economies of countries within the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). Milled rice from this region is exported globally. During the sudden surge in rice prices in 2007-2008, both rice-importing and exporting nations faced a crisis, prompting swift policy responses. Notably, Cambodia implemented export restrictions, while Thailand considered forming a rice exporting cartel. In this study, a panel data regression model was used to analyze rice exports from three GMS countries: Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Despite specializing in different types of rice, these nations experienced increased rice exports immediately after the global food crisis. The rise in exports likely contributed to price stabilization, benefiting many vulnerable net food consumers.

Keywords: Rice export, Food price crisis, Greater-Mekong Subregion, Price Stabilization


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