Exploring Banking Dynamics and Economic Insights: A Conversation with Mr. Jean Pierre Gagnon

March 20 @ 12:00 am
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In this refreshing conversation with a well-established banker Mr Jean Pierre Gagnon, our Chairman Dr. Virak Prum helped to bring to life the role of the Central Bank and important methods used by lenders. An important insight came from the fact that the vast majority of businesses in Cambodia are micro-businesses and SMEs, mostly owned by one or very few shareholders, thereby, making little difference in the credit assessment between the otherwise business loans and personal loans. Also, the interview explains how banks should behave in the economic downturn in specific industries. We also dug into the interviewee’s perspective towards the overall health of the industry. And so much more! CamEd Business School brings practical intelligence to the class!


March 20
12:00 am