CamEd Community Club

CamEd Community Club

Our Vision:

The vision of CamEd Community Club is to help people who are in need by organizing the charity with doing our best to develop in communities.
Our Mission:

The mission of CCC are:
– To encourage people to start being kind, doing charity, and helping others who are lack of supplements
– To help all individuals members of the club to develop their soft and leadership skill.
Our Goal:

The goal of our club is to support freshmen accomplish their Philosophy’s assignment and assist the underserved community as well as supporting the poor livelihood in a way we can do it.

Improve the lives of vulnerable and poor communities through our charity projects.

CamEd Community Club


Formed in 2021, the CamEd Community Club is one of the first student clubs at CamEd that focus primarily on volunteerism and community services.

We are committed to the idea that less fortunate members of our society should never be forgotten and thus devotes continuous service to the community.

Despite being a relatively new club, CCC has undergone rapid development under the advisor of Dr. Martin Sviatko.