CamEd Community Club

CamEd Community Club

Our vision

The vision of CamEd Community Club is to help people who are in need by organizing charities and doing our best to develop the communities.

Our mission

The missions of CCC are:

  • To encourage people to start being kind, doing charity, and helping others who lack supplements.-
  •  To help all individual members of the club to develop their soft and leadership skills.

Our Goal

The goal of our club is to support freshmen in accomplishing their Philosophy assignment and assist the underserved community as well as supporting the poor livelihood in a way we can do it.

Improve the lives of vulnerable and poor communities through our charity projects.

CamEd Community Club

Club’s revival

After being inactive since 2022, CamEd Community Club has been revived once again in 2024 with rapid development dedicating the continuity of assisting underserved communities through charity projects.


CCC Charity 2022: ‘Back to School’

CamEd Community Club hosted a charity event on February 12th, 2022 with the theme ‘Back to School’. The charity event took place far away from Phnom Penh, at Ponleu Phkay Primary School, Takeo province. The charity initiae’s objective was to offer assistance to the children with the necessary educational materials, clothing, and some sustenance. The event achieved significant success, due to the sight of the children’s and teachers’ heartwarming smiles adorning their faces. This accomplishment was made possible through the generous contributions of donors, as well as the invaluable support extended by sponsorships as CAM-PAINT was the main sponsor, Robin in Cambodia was the collaborative partner, and co-sponsorships such as Chaileang Auto, EXTRAJOSS, CAMBODGE Art, and Unique Shop. 

Snam NhorNhem: ‘A Happy Day to be Remembered’

The charity event called ‘Snam NhorNhem’ was organized by CamEd Community Club on May 17th, 2021 under the theme of ‘A happy day to be remembered’. As the charity took place during the moment of the severance of the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore, its purpose was to extend gratitude towards the diligent efforts of police officers who have been tirelessly serving the community by presented with some food and refreshments to brighten their day up, as well as in the hope of enhancing their energy. However, although the initial objective was to distribute them to the police officers, they were also offered to people encountered around the area. The event took place successfully, thankfully to all the donations, as well as the exclusive sponsorship from Majime Cambodia. 

Songkhem Charity: ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’

On the date of 8th May 2021, CamEd Community Club hosted a charity event called Songkhem Charity under the quote ‘Actions speak louder than words’. The purpose of the charitable endeavors was to offer assistance to the people who were having an extremely hard time during COVID-19 by preparing some food, water, as well as a bag of rice, and many more. The event was located in front of CamEd Business School with the members of the club distributing and facilitating the materials to the cyclo drivers as they were one of the many groups of people who endured significant hardships due to the pandemic.


Formed in 2021, the CamEd Community Club is one of the first student clubs at CamEd that focus primarily on volunteerism and community services.

We are committed to the idea that less fortunate members of our society should never be forgotten and thus devote continuous service to the community.

Despite being a relatively new club, CCC has undergone rapid development under the advisor of Dr. Martin Sviatko.