CamEd Muslim Club

CamEd Muslim Club

CamEd Muslim Club is established for the purpose of enabling people, especially CamEd students, to understand Islam and be part of a historic community of believers in Cambodia.


  • Introducing an important aspect of diversity at CamEd.
  • Establish new Muslim student bodies.
  • Presenting of Muslim issues with respect to living on campus.
  • Challenging and breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions of Islam or its followers.
  • Awareness and appreciation of the religion of Islam.
  • Establishing interfaith conversation and cooperation on campus.


Islamic Club is a group open to all students who have an interest in the religion of Islam regardless of whether the student is Muslim or not. The group aims to enrich the understanding of the religion and the diversity of its followers, addressing the negative and positive views of religion particularly in the case of Islam.

Islamic Club also provides services to Muslim students and works with the small Muslim community in Phnom Penh. CamEd Muslim Club is a group in which all facets of Islam can be explored and discussed with openness and honesty, free from any fear, bigotry, and rudeness.


This is a group for Muslims in CamEd to get to know one another, and a forum for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Islamic religion and what it means to be a Muslim. The club organizes educational and Islamic activities every term which enable its members to increase their knowledge of Islam and practice their religion. The CMC also holds annual fundraisers, the proceeds of which are donated to the less fortunate.