CamEd Podcast Club

CamEd Podcast Club

Seeing how most students struggle to find reliable access information whether it is regarding their school exam, school information, major, career, or general education, we decided to use this opportunity to start this CamED Podcast Club.


Club Vision: where we will be in the future. We are hoping to see this club becoming the best listening platform and a golden opportunity for everyone, especially the young elites, who seek to broaden their knowledge, learn new skills, keep up with up-to-date news, and enjoy small peep talks about general education.

Club Mission: providing accessible, and useful knowledge. CamEd Podcast club was initially created as an online community to welcome every potential, ambitious, and passionate person. Our main goal is to be the main source of a platform that could allow them to access unlimited informative topics no matter where they are or what they are doing. We strongly believe that listening to podcasts can strengthen people’s creativity, widen their perspective, and enhance their academic knowledge. With every step we take, we are driven by this.

Wherever you are, CamEd Podcast will always be at your fingertips.

CPC Induction Day

On July 24th, 2022, we conducted our first induction day for our 2nd gen members for them to go through more about our club and spend some quality bonding with each other. Thank you everyone for participating with us.


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