CamEd Media Club


The vision of this Club is to create a community where creativity, diversity, and a free exchange of ideas is encouraged.


The mission of this Club is to create a safe space where everyone can grow and thrive together through content that is fun and entertaining but also essential for university students’ lives.

About Us 

CamEd Media Club was founded on January 26, 2023, we took center stage in promoting our newly established club during our promotional event. This gathering featured our founding members and advisors, embodying the collaborative effort behind the club’s creation. Throughout the process of forming our club, we’ve attracted a diverse array of members who share our passion for media and communication. Our promotional event served as a pivotal moment in our journey, showcasing our commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and community within CamEd Business School. Through engaging activities and interactions, we successfully introduced our club to the wider student body, inviting others to join us in shaping the future of media at CamEd.


Lights, Camera, CamEd – Be an Influence

CamEd  Media Club presents “Lights, Camera, CamEd – Be an Influencer,” a TikTok competition running from March 11th to April 11th, 2024. Students could win $500 in categories like Cinematography, Entertainment, or Storytelling, with an extra $500 for the most popular video. The Media Club promoted the event and rewarded top participants with a photoshoot and prizes. 

CMC x CBFIs Collaboration

Our collaboration with CamEd Banking and Finance Club (CBFIs) with their  “The Banking and Beyond” Event on March 31, 2024. This event explores how financial institutions drive economic growth, focusing on investment, credit, and Fintech developments in Cambodia. It emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity in IT risk management and the role of finance, technology, and risk management in long-term economic development.

CMCxCEC Collaboration

Our collaboration with CamEd Entrepreneur Club (CEC) Annual Event, “Ideation to Implementation – Pathway to Entrepreneurship,” happening on Sunday, March 31, 2024. This event is designed to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the transformative journey from idea to startup. Join us as three distinguished guest speakers share their invaluable experiences, offering insights on sowing, watering, and protecting your entrepreneurial seed.

Research Symposium 2023 X CMC

As the media sponsor for the CamEd International Research Symposium on November 19, 2023, the CamEd Media Club provided comprehensive coverage, capturing key moments and discussions surrounding the theme “Growing Entrepreneurism in Turbulent Times for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.” Through our photography, we highlighted topics such as entrepreneurship in emerging markets, achieving the SDGs, social impact entrepreneurship, AI’s role for startups, skills development, and the future of entrepreneurship in Cambodia. Our edited photos served to amplify the symposium’s dialogue, contributing to broader discussions on sustainable economic growth.

CCSC X CMC Collaboration

CamEd Media Club support for CamEd Cybersecurity Club on their event titled Fortifying Finance: Unleashing the Power of Cybersecurity on the 9th April 2023. The event focused on the complexities of the financial industry and the critical role of cybersecurity, bringing in experts from the ministry and banking sector. Our club captured the essence of the event through photography and video production, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of securing the financial system against cyber threats.

CamEd Media Club 1st Gen

Introducing the creative minds behind our content magic! Excited to showcase the talents of our media club members as we dive into a world of storytelling, photography, videography, and more. Join us on this journey as we capture moments, share stories, and ignite inspiration!

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